list of needs catalog

Welcome to our online catalog where you can see our latest list of needs!

If you feel led to give towards our Zoe housing needs, below are the items we are still in need of. 

Thank you for your continued support and generosity!

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bunk beds

Each child will receive their own bunk in their new room.

0 Purchased - 4 Needed

$100 Each


Utensils & Dishes

Help supply our newest Zoe Home with plates, forks, spoons, etc.

0 Purchased - 1 Set Needed




Each room will receive a dresser to help store our children’s clothing.

0 Purchased - 3 Needed

$80 Each

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Mosquito Nets

For safety, each bunk bed must have a mosquito net!

0 Purchased - 4 Needed

$25 Each



These will go on each child’s bunk bed in their new homes.

0 Purchased - 12 Needed

$30 Each

website catalog-3.png


Help supply our newest Zoe Home with essential cookware goods.

0 Purchased - 5 Needed

$15 Each