Child Sponsorship Program

equipping a generation. empowering a nation.


Our sponsorship program exists to connect individuals with vulnerable children to experience the love of Christ. We partner together to provide for their basic needs like medical care and education as well as cultivating personal development like essential skills and spiritual growth. Our goal is that, by God’s grace, our kids will grow into healthy and productive, Christ-centered leaders in Kenya.


These resources are to help current sponsors build strong relationships with their child. Check out our letter writing guide.


How someone cares for a child matters because it is the determining factor of that child's future.Learn more about Zoe's approach to raising our children.


A relationship with your child, communication through letters and monthly newsletters with
recent pictures and more!



Sponsorship Testimonial

“From the moment I first saw a picture of Joshua, I knew he had to be ours. The beaming smile on this special little boy's face gave me and instant feeling of joy and hope. The children at Zoe have been through so much in their short lives. Being a part of Joshua's new life at Zoe through the sponsorship program has given our family a unique way to share God's love."- Debbie Abide