Group Trips


We would love to coordinate a mission trip for your church, school, small group, or any group of 5 or more! Not only will you experience the amazing work God is doing in Kenya through Zoe but you can experience it with those you love from home!


How to apply for a group trip


Assemble a group of 5 -20 committed individuals willing to serve in Kenya.


Look at the scheduled trips on our website and see if any dates fit for you! If not, no problem! We can also plan custom trip dates (subject to availability).

STEP 3. REServe

As the group leader, you will first apply for your team so we can begin reserving a date for your team.

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Faqs (Group Trips)

+ What are my responsibilities as a group leader?

As a group leader, you will only be responsible for coordinating with your team prior to departure. You will work alongside our Zoe team to ensure team members are meeting deadlines and the team is trained. Once in Kenya, our Zoe team will handle all of the on-ground logistics. Once you land in Kenya, you are can sit back and relax!

+ What is the cost for a group leader?

Group leaders are only required to pay for their international flight, visa, and any safari! All the on-ground cost of the trip including food, lodging, etc. will be covered. This is a huge perk of gathering a group to serve in Kenya. We know gathering and coordinating a group of 5-20 people can be quite challenging so as an incentive we offer a significantly reduced trip cost.

+ How long do I have to get enough team members signed up?

Ideally, your group will be formed before you reserve your dates. However, we do realize that often some groups need to have the date reserved first in order to have team members commit. In this case, by the first payment deadline at least 5 team members will need to be signed up. Please note that regardless of when a team member signs up they are expected to meet all deadlines on time, past or present.

+ Will we be in Kenya with another team?

On rare occasions, it is possible you will be on the ground the same time as another team. We try to keep teams as separate as possible to ensure each team has their own unique experience. However, there are likely times there will be overlap between teams.

+ Will I lead nightly team debrief?

We would love for you to fully contribute in the team debrief and help our team leader understand the dynamics of your group. However, our Zoe team leader will be responsible for guiding the debrief and helping the team engage in what God is doing in Kenya through Zoe.

+ Will our team travel together?

If the teams are all flying from the same airport, we request everyone fly on the same itinerary. If any team member is flying from another airport, they will likely meet up with the rest of the team in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, or Paris.

+ Does a group have to be a previously organized group such as a church or school?

No. As long as you have at least 5-20 committed individuals (not including yourself), you can apply for a group trip.

+ What is Zoe Children's Tribe's refund policy if a team member backs out after payment dates?

Unfortunately, due to our 501c3 tax exempt status, any donations Zoe Children's Tribe receives toward the cost of the trip are non-refundable. We are aware of circumstances that may inhibit your ability to serve on a team; therefore, we have two options if you are unable to go on the trip. Each team member has the option to apply their donations toward another team member’s trip cost, or donate towards Zoe Children's Tribe's greatest need. If you over-fundraise for your trip, the same policy applies.