Trip Faqs

Regardless of whether you have been across the world before or never been on a plane, Zoe Children’s Tribe will walk you through every step of a global mission trip.

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Before you register

+ Do you have an age requirement for team members?

We have had mission trip participants ranging in age from 15 to 70. However, we do require participants to be at least 16 years old in order to travel without a parent. Anyone younger than that must travel with a parent or a legal adult.

+ Do I need a passport prior to registering?

It is highly recommended that prior to registering, you either already have or are in the process of getting your passport. It usually takes between 4-6 weeks to receive your passport, but for an additional cost it can be expedited. Visit for more information. We cannot book your flight until we have a copy of your passport.

+ Can I fundraise for my trip?

Yes! We highly encourage you to fundraise for your trip with Zoe. Once you have registered we will offer your team leader the same resources that our Zoe team uses to fundraise! Please visit our resources tab to find our Zoe fundraising guide.

+ When are trip payments due?

There are two payment deadlines for your trip. Your first payment due is around $500 depending on the trip and will be due three months before your arrival in Kenya. The remaining trip balance is due 1 month prior to your arrival in Kenya.

+ What does your trip cost include?

Everything apart from international flights, souvenirs, snack food, and your experiece Kenya option! Your trip cost includes in-country airfare, lodging, food, and all transportation.

+ What is Zoe Children's Tribe refund policy?

All donations Zoe Children's Tribe receives toward the cost of your trip are non-refundable. We are aware of circumstances that may inhibit your ability to serve as an intern; therefore, we have two options if you are unable to serve as an intern. The options include applying your donations toward another intern's trip cost, or donating towards Zoe Children's Tribe's greatest need. If you over-fundraise for your trip, the same policy applies.

+ Do I need a yellow fever vaccine?

It's not required but we highly suggest it! Yellow fever vaccinations can often be in short supply so please be sure to get this vaccination as soon as possible.

+ Do I need to take malaria medication?

Yes! All team members are required to take malaria medication. We recommend Malarone or Doxycycline, however, please consult with your physician for his or her recommendation.

+ What other vaccines/immunizations should I receive?

Please refer to The CDC for the most current and up-to-date information regarding recommended and required vaccinations for travel to Kenya. Additionally, consult with your primary physician. We recommend being up to date on all routine vaccinations prior to travel.

Before you arrive

+ How long is a standard mission trip with Zoe?

All mission trips through are typically 8-10 days long.

+ Are there meetings before the trip?

Yes! Our Zoe team will facilitate a meeting with your team prior to your departure to Kenya to discuss your upcoming trip.

+ Will all team members travel together to Kenya?

As a team, you will likely be flying from the same area of the United States and will all fly through either Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, or Paris onward to Nairobi. We try our best to book all teams together on the same itinerary if possible, however, this is subject to availability.

+ Can I book my own flight?

Typically, teams are in charge of booking their own airfare. Only in special circumstances are exceptions made. In those cases, our Zoe team will work with you prior to booking in order to ensure you are on the correct flights. Due to logistics in Kenya, Zoe has the right to revoke certain airfare routes but will work with each team to book routes that work best for both the team and Zoe.

+ What is the total travel time?

This will depend on which airport you begin your travel and layovers along the way, typically you should expect between 24-30 hours of total time of travel. Usually teams will have two eight-hour international flights to and from one of the major hub airports. If you fly from a non-hub airport you will have an additional domestic flight.

+ What is the weather like in Kenya?

In general, the temperatures during the day range from the mid to upper 70’s to the mid to upper 80’s. The temperature in the evening can drop into the mid 60’s during certain times throughout the year. The weather does vary a bit based on the season, but is hard to predict due to the seasons changing from the norm.

+ How do we travel once we land in Kenya?

In order to ensure the safety of our teams, we use our own personal vehicles that are driven by Zoe staff. If our Zoe transportation is unavailable, we hire private transportation with drivers we know and trust having worked with them over many years.

+ What is a typical day like for team members?

Team members begin their day with breakfast and morning quiet time. This time is followed by being transported out to Zoe and joining in on morning errands with our Kenyan team. Your days are spent on site at Zoe and within the village helping with specific projects while submerging into Kenyan culture. During the evening, you'll be transported back to Kitale Town where you will enjoy dinner and a debriefings from our Zoe team leaders. You will also have the option to partake in either of our 3 Experience Kenya options.

+ What do we eat?

Team members will eat traditional Kenyan food cooked by our staff every day at lunch, while having American style dishes for both breakfast and dinner.

+ Where will we stay?

Karibuni Lodge in Kitale Town. Your security is our first priority. You will stay in a fenced and gated compound with at least one of our full time Kenyan staff members. The guest house is split into separate rooms for men and women. There will be a kitchen, indoor plumbing, and a shower (usually with hot water). Here, you will have breakfast and dinner every night.